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genus of deciduous and evergreen east Asian trees and shrubs widely cultivated as ornamentals for their white flowers and red fruits

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We chose Red Robin Photinia (Photinia fraseri) as a sample for broad-leaved plants and deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara) for needle-like or scalelike-leaved plants so that we might study the relationship between the arrangement of the foliage and their ability to reduce noise (Fang & Ling, 2003, 2005; MartinezSalaa et al.
The red photinia leaves and blue ceanothus flowers will provide interesting spring colour, while the hebe has white flowers in summer.
Red-tip Photinia or Fraser Photinia was once an easy-to-grow plant of enormous popularity.
Some of its preferred hosts for feeding and/or egg laying are, besides grapes, citrus, Crepe myrtle, Privet, Photinia, Camellia, Ash, Sycamore, Magnolia, Peach, Sunflower, Hollyhock, and Malva, Sow thistle and Lambs-quarters (weeds).
Hedges don't have to be green, pyracanthus has red or orange berries and photinia 'Red Robin' does what it says on the tin
Hedges don't have to be green, pyracanthus has red or orange berries and photinia 'Red Robin' does what it says on the tin WHETHER for privacy, security or simple aesthetic beauty, hedging is a marvellous way to border your garden - and excellent for absorbing traffic noise and pollutants.
A favourite of mine is the Photinia 'Red Robin' which once it has reached the height you want, can be pruned to keep it's shape and size, it is also really effective if you keep the bottom of the stems free of branches and foliage so you just keep the canopy.
Photinia Red Robin has spent most of the winter with bright emerald green leaves.
The wreath which stands at 3ft was made by head gardener Jo Harrigan, using red roses, a variety of ferns, ivy, holly, red and yellow berries, Virginia creeper, Golden Yew, Photinia, Cotoneaster and Gaultheria.
Potential choices for great evergreen hedges include yew, box, holly, Escallonia, Euonymus, Osmanthus, Portuguese laurel and Photinia.
The same goes for Photinia 'Red Robin' and the new growth will all be those fiery red leaves that we enjoy so much and are so useful at this time of year.
CHEERY Photinia bush RED ALERT AS ROBIN GOES TO GROUND I have a Red Robin bush in a large pot but it needs to be in the ground to continue growing.
Ian Webb, by email AAS YOUR photinia is in a pot, you could plant it out at any time - that's the great thing about containerisation.
repens with Euonymus fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold, Hebe rakaiensis, Photinia x fraseri Red Robin and Lonicera nitida Baggesen's Gold.
Weeping purple beech, flowering cherry, columnar spruce, dogwood, dwarf plum, galaxy magnolia, globe maple, goldenchain tree, halesia, hinoki cypress, Japanese maple, Japanese snowball, lilac, photinia, redbud, rhododendron, royal galaxy magnolia, purple smoke tree, snowball bush, stewartia, weeping hornbeam, weeping spruce.