Phlox subulata

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low tufted perennial phlox with needlelike evergreen leaves and pink or white flowers

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In vitro induction of tetraploids in Phlox subulata L.
For a dazzling burst of colour, go for Phlox subulata 'Tamaongelei', with its show-stopping cerise flowers.
Good varieties include Phlox subulata "Amazing Grace", known as moss phlox, which has cushion-like mounds of soft, narrow leaves and produces pale pink flowers with deep pink eyes, and Phlox douglasii "Lilac Cloud", which will look great tumbling over the sides of a terracotta pot.
Growing to about six inches in height and 20 inches in diameter, the Phlox subulata also provides plenty of ground cover and makes for the ideal trailing plant.
There are many different types of phlox, including erect, evergreen and herbaceous perennials, but among the best are the spring-flowering dwarf varieties such as Phlox subulata, mainly in shades of blue, pink and red.
Phlox subulata and centranthus ruber are cheap gap fillers.
You can even select mini plants of your favourite border varieties such as Achillea tomentosa, Aster alpinus, Campanula cochleariifolia, Phlox subulata and Helichrysum bellidiodes.
For paths, Phlox subulata "Alexander's Surprise" grows a mat of fresh green foliage and large pink flowers while the variety Benita has lavender blooms.