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Synonyms for phlebotomus

a mild viral disease transmitted by the bite of the sand fly Phlebotomus papatasii

small bloodsucking sand flies that resemble moths

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Insecticide susceptibility status of Phlebotomus argentipes, a vector of visceral leishmaniasis in different foci in three states of India.
Insecticide susceptibility of Phlebotomus argentipes in visceral leishmaniasis endemic districts in India and Nepal.
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First report on the presence of morphospecies A and B of Phlebotomus argentipes sensu lato (Diptera : Psychodidae) in Sri Lanka--implication for leishmaniasis transmission.
Phlebotomus argentipes sandflies live in and around houses and biting occurs at night, mainly during 2100-0100 hrs peaking at 2300-2400 hrs.
Favouring factors are: human beings the only reservoir host; Phlebotomus argentipes the only vector in the region; VL focalized in 109 districts in three countries; the disease easy to diagnose even in field settings through recently developed rK39 dipstick test and can be treated completely with effective drugs.
Phlebotomus argentipes is an established vector of visceral leishmaniasis in India and other countries of the sub-continent (1,2).
Transmission of Indian kala-azar to man by bites of Phlebotomus argentipes Annandale & Brunetti.