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an ancient city in southern Bulgaria

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Some surgical tools found in the necropolis of Philippopolis Settlement are considered important for the Roman Period and mentioned in many publications (11(p.
26) One example of such a colony is Philippopolis in Arabia.
37) Gauthier was appointed titular bishop of Philippopolis in 1912, and served as coadjutor archbishop of Montreal from 1923 to 1939.
Philip the Arabian--Marcus Julius Philipus--was born around 204 in Shahhba, the future Philippopolis, 80 km South-West of Damascus, in Idumea-Trachonitis.
Philip had already founded two cities and named them after himself: Philippi (later celebrated for the Pauline epistle) and Philippopolis (modern Plovdiv in Bulgaria).
Freyberger's third contribution is a reevaluation of the layout and monuments of Philippopolis (DaM 6: 293-311) to show how they were meant to be an expression of the power and legitimacy of Philip the Arab as Roman emperor.
Geographical names were repeated: there were at least two regions and two cities called 'Emathia', two or three regions called 'Doberus', four cites called Philippi or Philippopolis, and Alexandrias galore.
Tenders are invited for "Designing, Authorized Surveillance, Examination of the Existing Reinforced Concrete Structure and Execution of Construction and Repairing Works / Residential Buildings / Residential Buildings for Overhaul of Odeon at the Forum of Ancient Philippopolis and its Adjacent Environment, Plovdiv"
Perdikatseva said she has guided Prince Charles, the Queens of Spain and Denmark and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, whom she escorted to dinner at a continental Old Town restaurant called Philippopolis.
Our journey would take us to the city of Plovdiv, which was once the Roman city of Philippopolis.
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