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Recent inquiries to a number of experienced resident naturalists and nature photographers attentive to insects has revealed fourteen records of Phasmida over the past 22 years.
Esta especie se incluye dentro del grupo de especies formado por Teagueia lehmannii Luer, Teagueia phasmida (Luer & Escobar) Luer, Teagueia rex (Luer & Escobar) Luer, Teagueia teaguei (Luer) Luer, Teagueia tentaculata Luer & Hirtz y Teagueia zeus (Luer & Hirtz) Luer.
Yet, in only one season of sampling, examination of culled parts recorded 29 species of prey not previously reported in the literature, including 10 families and the order Phasmida (Table 1).
Although many taxa within the phylum Arthropoda experience autotomy, Phasmida is the only order within the class Insecta that regularly sheds and regenerates lost legs (Borrer et al.
2008; Chen & He 2008; Phasmida Species File online by Brock).
Phasmida species File, Catalog of the stick and leaf insects of the world.
Within the order Phasmida, the mainly winged subfamily Necrosciinae consists of 617 species in 66 genera (Phasmida Species File online), mainly distributed over Asia and also Australasia.
So far, researchers working on other taxonomic groups, such as Plecoptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Phasmida, Aphidomorpha, Psocodea, and Coreoidea, are extensively using the software.