Pharaoh of Egypt

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the title of the ancient Egyptian kings


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Joseph struggles until he becomes the adviser to the pharaoh of Egypt.
The romance between Cleo, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, and Roman general Marc Antony caused a scandal.
THE reign of Queen Hatusu, the Pharaoh of Egypt in the 15t century BC, is unde threat
Synopsis: A sweeping epic about the last Nubian pharaoh of Egypt.
Dress in the costume and introduce yourself to the class as an ancient pharaoh of Egypt.
In the years 590/589 Hophra became the pharaoh of Egypt.
It's believed the 3,200 year old site may have been Cork's ancient capital and was in use at a time when Rameses III was pharaoh of Egypt.
They alleged that Abraham introduced his wife to the King of Palestine and to Pharaoh of Egypt as his sister, hoping for some favor from them.
Tutankhamen had just become Pharaoh of Egypt around 1322 B.
Now we can at last see the full significance of Nefertiti's role as co-regent and later Pharaoh of Egypt.
Starting off on the wrong foot with an aged Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) - a trusted Alexander general who set himself up as Pharaoh of Egypt following the 33-year-old emperor's untimely death - narrating reams of windbag exposition, the movie ricochets between freak show and deadening discourse for the next nearly three tedious hours.
When the Pharaoh of Egypt refuses to let the Jewish slaves go, God sends a massive plague of frogs upon the land, croakng and croaking and allowing no one a moment's peace.
That left Hatshepsut to become the first female pharaoh of Egypt.
Farrell will play Alexander, for which he has been asked to put on 20 pounds of extra muscle over the summer, and Hopkins, reuniting with his Nixon director Oliver Stone, will play the role of Ptolemy, the last surviving general in the army of Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great who went on to become the Pharaoh of Egypt.