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something many people believe that is false

fiction with a large amount of imagination in it


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Thirdly, I explore the defensive organisation and phantasies that keep the self from engaging in real suffering and instead, perpetuate shame dynamics.
By discussing the unconscious dimensions of ethnographic research, I mean to explore how these repressed ideas return to haunt our research in forms such as dreams, phantasies, our conduct in the field, and the production of research itself.
Sexual phantasies through induced arousal, involving:
Each case exemplifies a clinical process or concept Waska wants to communicate: psychic distortions of the good object, entitlement and demands, taming destructive phantasies, pre-interpretive containment and more.
On first approaching it in Italian I soon realized that the title, Il poeta e la fantasia, (4) does not reflect the dynamism conveyed in the original title and fails to capture the activity taking place in the creative process: the Dichter (5) phantasizes, he creates phantasies, which are the products of his imaginative activity.
9) In this case, because the clinical and cultural spheres share a phallic scotomisation or occlusion of seminal masculinity, observing the eruption of seminal phantasies in the clinical situation helps us to characterise a parallel eruption in culture.
constructive phantasies is in line with the extreme frightfulness of
Freud was the first (1910) who examined and used the notion of "rescue phantasy" and pointed out the defiant meaning of such filial phantasies.
Referencing Joan Scott's observation that "oscillations between phantasies of uniqueness and phantasies of fusion" (8) characterize women's movements, an observation resonating with Kristeva's 1979 essay "Women's Time," Nikolchina turns to Kristeva to expand upon limited visions of female/feminist experience, for such fantasies and oscillation are "largely responsible for the fragility and instability of the feminist discursive field and for its chronically embattled status" (79).
Harold Mah has two objectives in mind in writing Enlightenment Phantasies, both spelled out in his introduction.
The Footlights concert waltz, the Three Men, London Again and Summer Days suites and the sparky Television March are all attractive enough, but the main material comes in the two Phantasies The Selfish Giant and Cinderella.
Predation and incorporation, or the bonds of body-destruction phantasies, are fundamental components of human social relationships and as such culturally ordered.
Phantasies is like Pavement done by cabaret artists, while Discretion Grove and Jenny And The Ess-Dog are throbbing indie trips that head towards his former band's debut record Slanted & Enchanted.
the succession of phantasies that extends from a fragmented body-image to a form of its totality .
They debated in excruciating detail who exactly was a Jew; hesitated to challenge marriage and the family; fussed about the possibility of inciting gentile relatives if they deported husband and wife; and were caught in their own protective phantasies if they went against women.