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a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganisms

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Another possibility that may account for this decreased bacteria clearance is the elevated ratio of phagocytes to bacteria in DEP-treated rats at day 3 (Table 1).
Mechanisms of uremic inhibition of phagocyte reactive species production: characterization of the role of p-cresol.
Invading microorganisms encounter a large assortment of defense mechanisms including phagocytes that play an important role in their destruction by the production of ROS.
For each month, three nutritive phagocytes from each urchin (n = 20) were measured between their origin on the gonadal wall and their tips in the gonadal lumen.
Cell-Mediated Phagocyte A specialized cell that engulfs invading microorganisms and cell debris through a process known as phagocytosis.
Mice lacking gut CX3CR1+ phagocytes turned out to be far more susceptible to intestinal disease than mice that still had the antifungal cells.
Low numbers of mononuclear phagocytes were also present and were occasionally noted to have a cytoplasmic vacuole containing small, thin, variably staining, linear to pleomorphic structures, consistent with bacteria (Fig 3).
2004), as well as vital factor needed to evade lysosome fusion to multiply inside the phagocytes (Kim et al.
Tests on zebrafish demonstrated how the altered bugs were vulnerable to attack by phagocytes, immune system cells that ingest bacteria.
This bacterium inhibits the chemotaxis of neutrophils, suppresses the opsonins (both complement and immunoglobulin) and phagocytes, could rapidly react to abrupt changes in ROS (Lavoie et al.
His laboratory studies innate immunity to these infectious pathogens by focusing on their interactions with human mononuclear phagocytes, which are cells that protect the body by ingesting harmful cells, bacteria or foreign particles.
The latter are responsible for the death of phagocytes involved in the clearance of apoptotic cells and corpses by phagocytosisinduced apoptosis.
Phagocytic Activity of Granulocytes and Monocytes and Respiratory Burst of Phagocytes
Both testes and ovaries had more nutritive phagocytes in Fed sea urchins than in Field sea urchins.
The mechanism through which, Nef reaches the intracellular compartment in phagocytes cells is currently unknown, perhaps an endocytosis process may be involved, a previous study immunofluorescence shows that Nef and p22-phox can colocalize intracellularlly (16).