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(Greek mythology) son of Helios

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This is what we are trying to achieve with Phaethon and the planned Apollon solar panel parks.
Earth runs into a stream of debris from 3200 Phaethon every year in mid-December, causing meteors to fly from the constellation Gemini.
The meteor shower occurs when the Earth passes through the path of asteroid 32000 Phaethon.
The Geminid meteor shower, fed by debris from asteroid (3200) Phaethon, is one of the finest of the major annual showers.
Visual sensitivity, coloration and morphology of Red-tailed Tropicbirds Phaethon rubricauda breeding on the Kermadec Islands.
Cyprus from PS344pp: Chill out on an all-inclusive week at the four-star Louis Phaethon Beach Club and save PS261pp.
We think these particles in space that are burning up in our atmosphere come from an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon.
Though the Geminid shower was discovered in the 1860s, it was in 1983 that astronomers identified Phaethon as the shower's source.
It is interesting to note the close agreement between the orbital elements of the captured Geminid meteors and those of their parent body (3200) Phaethon.
The speech opens with Juliet wishing that Phaethon was driving the Sun God's chariot so night would arrive more quickly.
Cyprus - save PS258 on 1wk all inc at the 4* Louis Phaethon Beach Club near Paphos.
Epaphus had a contemporary, also the child of a god, Phaethon, the son of Helios and the nymph Clymene.
4* Phaethon Beach Club, AI, December 12, 7 nights from Glasgow, PS339.
Fear of Falling: Icarus, Phaethon and Lucretius in Paradise Lost.
10 Mazeppa may be a proto-modern Phaethon, his trajectory shifted from vertical to horizontal, into the Foucauldian dimension of modern space.