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The some 70,000 known algae are typically divided into three general types: chlorophyta or green algae, phaeophyta or brown algae and rhodophyta or red algae.
When the designs are removed from the press the waxed paper is removed to reveal a unique arrangement of chlorphyta, phaeophyta or rhodophyta -- the three important divisions of macro algae.
Lichen photobionts are acquired from those groups of photosynthetic organisms that are capable of developing multicellular structures in one-, two- or three-dimensions (such as Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta and Cyanobacteria).
Species diversity was highest for Chlorophyta (8 species), followed by Rhodophyta (4 species) and Phaeophyta (3 species).
different regions, our main focus is on members of the Phaeophyta,