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For the present study 18 different marine macroalgal species belonging to three different divisions viz, Chlorophyceae, Phaeophyceae and Rhodophyceae were collected from the coast of Okha, Jamnagar (lat.
Even though Vaucheria was long regarded as a green algae (Johnson & Merritt, 2002), molecular data show that Xanthophyceae are most closely related to Phaeophyceae (Lee, 2008).
Regarding Phaeophyceae, the first complete phylogenies (Draisma et al.
W DIVISION OCHROPHYTA Class Phaeophyceae Order Dictyotales Family Dictyotaceae Dictyota dichotoma (Hudson) Lamouroux E&W Diciyoia sp.
Fucoxanthin (FX), (3S,5R,6S,3'S,5'R,6'R)-3'-acetoxy-5,6-epoxy-3,5'-dihydroxy-6', 7'-didehydro-5,6,7,8,5',6'-hexahydro-[beta], [beta]-caroten-8-one (Figure 1), is a major carotenoid in Phaeophyceae (algae), and it is the carotenoid most biosynthesized on our planet (Haugan et al.
V P Coccotylus truncatus P B Furcellaria lumbricalis V P B Polysiphonia fucoides P Rhodomela confervoides P PHAEOPHYCEAE Fucus vesiculosus V P Pylaiella littoralis P CHLOROPHYTA Cladophora glomerata V P Ulva intestinalis P CHAROPHYTA Chara aspera V P MAGNOLIOPHYTA Myriophyllum spicatum V P Potamogeton sp.
Species Richness was 31, with classes Florideophyceae constituting 10 species, Phaeophyceae 9 species, and Chlorophyceae 10 species.
of marine algal invasions, invaders largely belong to the Phaeophyceae,
Edwards (1976) hs/GMJ,AB/C Edwards & Kapraun (1973) */GMJ,AB/* DIVISION PHAEOPHYTA CLASS PHAEOPHYCEAE ORDER ECTOCARPALES ECTOCARPACEAE Bachelotia antillarum Humm & Hildebrand (1962) hs, eph/GMJ,/* (Grunov.
Seven macroalgae from three taxa (Chlorophyceae, Phaeophyceae, and Rodophyceae) were identified, and their [delta] [sup.
Agardh (T:128) P L, S, F Division Phaeophyta Class Phaeophyceae Order Chordariales Family Chordariaceae Cladosiphon occidentalis Kylin (S:136) P L Order Dictyoales Family Dictyoaceae *Dictyota dichotoma (Hudson) Lamouroux (T:218) A L, F, S, D Dictyota linearis (C.