Petunia hybrida

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hybrids of Petunia axillaris and Petunia integrifolia: a complex group of petunias having single or double flowers in colors from white to purple

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Petunia hybrida Vilm, Solanaceae perennial herb, is an important ornamental, originating in South America, Argentina, having colorful flowers and a long florescence; it shows high ornamental value and now is widely cultivated throughout the world.
Petunia hybrida CAROTENOID CLEAVAGE DIOXYGENASE7 is involved in the production of negative and positive branching signals in petunia.
Tumor transformation of Petunia hybrida via pollen co-culture with Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
Analysis of flower pigmentation mutants generated by random transposition mutagenesis in Petunia hybrida.
Methyl-jasmonates have been found to accelerate senescence in Petunia hybrida, Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis (Porat et al.
Effect of some polyamines and protein synthesis inhibitors on flower senescence in Petunia hybrida Vilm.
Lack of control by early pistillate ethylene of the accelerated wilting in Petunia hybrida flowers.
Genetic and biochemical studies on flavonoid 3[prime]-hydroxylation in flowers of Petunia hybrida.
Purification and characterization of (2S)-flavanone 3-hydroxylase from Petunia hybrida.
Two members of the Solanaceae family used in this study, Petunia hybrida and Nicotiana tabacum, formed a single group with a posterior probability of 0.
Length (bp) Gene (1) Aethionema grandiflora AF249000 424 Chs Arabidopsis griffitihana AF248989 1184 Chs Arabidopsis halleri AF248986 575 Chs Arabidopsis lyrata AF248987 605 Chs Arabidopsis thaliana AF248988 581 Chs Arabis alpina AF248995 632 Chs Arabis jacquinii AF248994 616 Chs Arabis pauciflora AF248988 485 Chs Arabis turrita AF248996 547 Chs Barbarea vulgaris AF249991 483 Chs Cardamine amara AF248993 476 Chs Cochlearia excelsa AF248999 468 Chs Gentiana triflora AB005484 1162 Chs Ginkgo biloba EF091691 871 Chs Lepidium campestre AF248990 513 Chs Matthiola incana AF248997 479 Chs Nicotiana tabacum FJ655994 529 Chs Petunia hybrida EF199747 550 ChsA Phaseolus vulgaris AY268022 1453 Chs8 Pinus radiata AF337656 1055 Chs1 Pisum sativum AF060238.
PCR amplification of LIF coding sequence (CDS) from Petunia: Cloning of the gene encoding LIF was achieved by Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using cDNA of Petunia hybrida Vilm as the template.