Petronius Arbiter

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Roman satirist (died in 66)

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In doing so I take it as established that the Satyricon was written by Petronius Arbiter under the emperor Nero.
The Encyclopedia quotes Petronius Arbiter, Roman governor of ancient Bithynia (now a part of Turkey) in the first century A.
Das Satyricon des Petronius Arbiter hatte er ebenfalls ins Franzosische ubersetzt und uberdies die Lucken, die das unvergleichliche Werk entstellten, geistreich ausgefullt, indem er selbst einfugte, was er als passend empfand.
Satyricon or Satyricon liber("Book of Satyrlike Adventures") A 1st-century-AD comic picaresque novel attributed to Gaius PETRONIUS ARBITER.
The tradition seems to have originated about AD 1400, when the Inquisition began investigating witchcraft seriously, although revels and feasts mentioned by such classical authors as the Romans Apuleius and Petronius Arbiter may have served as inspiration.