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a city in the European part of Russia

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As I watch people in Calais and the islands of southern Europe who have fled intolerable conditions in their homelands, willing to take the most appalling risks in order to try to escape war and poverty for the hope of a better life, I cannot help but think that my White Russians characters in Petrograd had a relatively easy time of it.
It appears from the literature that Estonian oil shale was for the first time under discussion at the meeting of the Petrograd Main Committee for Fuels in January 1916 already [12: 105].
Fel Petrograd, mae'n nofel swmpus wedi ei gosod ar ganfas eang a chythryblus Ewrop yn negawdau cynnar yr 20fed Ganrif.
Indeed, as it was implied, by removing the Provisional Government, the Bolsheviks had removed any hindrance to the development of destructive propensities of the populace; and the last remnant of the state structure collapsed, albeit externally Petrograd continued to function as if nothing had happened.
This comprehensive volume contains the full proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International held in Petrograd and Moscow in November and December of 1922.
The collapsed buildings, which housed a bakery and an Itau Univac Holding bank branch, were near the headquarters of state-controlled companies including oil producer Petrograd and development bank Bodes.
Smith telegraphed the embassy in Petrograd to ask whether he should comply, and the embassy replied that he should "Accede to wishes of Viceroy.
The four movements describe the feelings of unrest in Petrograd, Lenin's birthplace in Razliv, the cruiser Aurora from which the opening shot was fired and The Dawn of Humanity as the Communists took control.
The causes that sent people into the streets of Boston, Paris and Petrograd in 1776, 1789 and 1917 are the same as those that sent them into the streets of Cairo in 2011: a greedy king, a squalid court, a botched government -- a ruthless regime.
Seizure of these islands would pose a direct threat to the Russian capital of Petrograd.
Petersburg, which used to be called Petrograd and Leningrad.
Half-sister to Gr2 winners Pushkin (c by Caerleon) and Policy Maker (c by Sadler's Wells) and to Gr3 winner Place Rouge (by Desert King), and to lesser winners Petrograd (c by Peintre Celebre) and Perstrovka (f by Sadler's Wells).
While the fall of the tsar was accompanied by violence in Petrograd, Retish shows how Viatka's peasants celebrated the February Revolution with sober efforts to "construct a new political order in the countryside" (p.
Although he was living in Petrograd at the time, with his mother, he spent the evening of the insurrection watching Mikhail Lermontov's Masquerade at the Imperial Aleksandrinsky Theater.
My grandparents left Petrograd in connection with the well-known historic events.