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a city in the European part of Russia

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Because the factory could not be reached by public transport which, in any case, had become almost non-existent, Chekhonin decided to relocate the artistic workroom in the centre of Petrograd.
David Mandel, The Petrograd Workers and the Fall of the Old Regime: From the February Revolution to the July Days, 1917 (New York: St.
Indeed, some western studies have emphasised the peace policy of the Petrograd Soviet as the body through which war and peace was played out and lost in 1917.
It appears from the literature that Estonian oil shale was for the first time under discussion at the meeting of the Petrograd Main Committee for Fuels in January 1916 already [12: 105].
In early April 1918, five months after 'Civilization' appeared in Voice of Labour, Minor was able to make his way from America to Petrograd (via Sweden, which remained neutral during the war).
Recalling a timepiece originally produced for a prominent Russian leader in 1915 and borrowing from the unique style of a wristwatch in OMEGA's Museum Collection, the OMEGA Sochi Petrograd is a tribute to the host country of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and a reintroduction of a timeless design that is as distinctive today as it was nearly a century ago.
CAFODD Petrograd - y gyntaf mewn trioleg o nofelau hanesyddol gan Wiliam Owen Roberts - dderbyniad gwych pan gafodd ei chyhoeddi yn 2008.
This was preceded by a short silent film in which Roddy was shown walking across the square in front of the Winter Palace in what was then Petrograd and conversing with Lenin.
The French Revolution and its attendant atrocities contained all the elements of the revolutions that followed: grand statements followed by regimes which of necessity had (and have) always to be more repressive and stronger than the ones they replace, from Paris to Cambodia and from Petrograd to Tehran.
This comprehensive volume contains the full proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International held in Petrograd and Moscow in November and December of 1922.
The collapsed buildings, which housed a bakery and an Itau Univac Holding bank branch, were near the headquarters of state-controlled companies including oil producer Petrograd and development bank Bodes.
The four movements describe the feelings of unrest in Petrograd, Lenin's birthplace in Razliv, the cruiser Aurora from which the opening shot was fired and The Dawn of Humanity as the Communists took control.
Standard narratives of the February Revolution begin with Women's Day, when thousands of "angry" housewives and factory women poured into central Petrograd (formerly St.
Francis served in Petrograd during one of the most confusing and critical periods in Russian history.
Petersburg, which used to be called Petrograd and Leningrad.