Peter the Great

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czar of Russia who introduced ideas from western Europe to reform the government

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Under Katharina the Great, St Petersburg finally became the thriving metropolis which Peter the Great had dreamed of: a "Venice of the North", a city of the arts, the sciences and literature.
THE STOLEN PRINCE: GANNIBAL, ADOPTED SON OF PETER THE GREAT, GREAT-GRANDFATHER OF ALEXANDER PUSHKIN, AND EUROPE'S FIRST BLACK INTELLECTUAL is perhaps most startling for the final five words in its subtitle: a black intellectual in early Europe?
GLENDALE -- They traveled to the city of Pushkin and Peter the Great with ideas to change society for the better, rubbed elbows with eight of the most powerful leaders in the world and got a front-row seat to geopolitics just as war broke out in the Middle East.
The history of the modern dacha began with Peter the Great, who gave suburban tracts of land to nobles along the road leading from St.
The renewed political absolutism will no doubt have its impact on the Orthodox Church whose Patriarch has acted all along as the head of a department of state as has been the historical tradition in Russia, especially from Peter the Great (1672-1725) onu'ards.
PETER the Great is back and defending All-Ireland champions Tyrone stayed on course to retain their title after an emphatic victory over the Tribesmen at Croke Park yesterday.
He ordered the 26,000-ton cruiser Peter the Great (the pride of the northern fleet with 2 nuclear reactors and 20 nuclear missile launchers) to return to dock at an unspecified location and gave its crew two weeks to fix the flaws he had discovered during an inspection.
My favorite in the group, though, is Carlyle Brown's The Negro of Peter the Great, a triumph of historical recreation and a little-known story of race with timeless intimations.
Since Peter the Great, predictions about how Moscow and markets will mix have usually been wrong.
Peter Scott, of Midlothian, has two teams flying his Peter The Great banner - one in second spot on 133, the other just two points behind.
The Image of Peter the Great in the Works of Nestor Vasil'evich Kukol'nik.
To cite one example, Peter the Great is often saluted for having modernized Russia's culture and economy.
There were also fine portraits from the journal of the composers Glinka and Glazunov, by Ilya Repin; illustrations by Benois for Pushkin's tribute-poem to Peter the Great, "The Bronze Horseman"; Serov's portrait of Diaghilev's benefactor, railway tycoon Savva Mamontev; and Mickail Vrubel's Swan Princess, a majestic openwinged swan with silky pinkish plumage and the head of a darkhaired, solemn-eyed Russian beauty.
The author divides his study into four periods: early medieval Rus to the Mongol invasion of the mid-twelfth century, the revival of architecture in Novgorod and Muscovy from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries, the reigns of Peter the Great and his successors from the eighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, and the modern era from then to the present.