Peter Stuyvesant

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the last Dutch colonial administrator of New Netherland

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While on the cruise, the retailer was treated to canapes, cocktails, wine and beer, and told to take home as many packets of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes as he wanted.
Wright includes extended biographies of those who thundered, including John Cotton, Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams and Peter Stuyvesant, William Penn, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Smith, Isaac Mayer Wise, Earl Warren and Jerry Falwell, as well as a collection of brief biographies of those who perhaps thundered a bit less and a list of key Supreme Court cases.
Growing up in Oldham as I did, you either went to drama school or you ended up at the Peter Stuyvesant factory making cigarettes.
Golway has detailed the history of the Fire Department of New York from the 1647 arrival of Peter Stuyvesant as director of New Amsterdam Colony to the early months of 2002.
The first shows a group of schoolchildren visiting the American Museum of Natural History who are silhouetted in front of a life-size diorama of Peter Stuyvesant, director general of the Dutch West India Company, as he receives a group of Lenape Native Americans at New Amsterdam.
6 billion Reemtsma deal was announced in early March, togive Imperial the Davidoff, West, Peter Stuyvesant and R1 brands, and move the UK group up the world ranking in tobacco to behind Philip Morris, BAT and Japan Tobacco.
Mosweunyane reports that representatives from cigarette maker Peter Stuyvesant are negotiating with a certain music promoter to bring popular musicians into Botswana as a way of advertising, since they can no longer do so in South Africa.
My next fag was nabbed from my mother's golden nugget-like pack of Peter Stuyvesant Superkings.
In contrast to the generally benevolent disposition of the Dutch toward the Jews of Holland, Governor Peter Stuyvesant adamantly opposed a permanent Jewish presence in his colony.
The partnership will also import three more brands, Rothmans, Consulate and Peter Stuyvesant.
The Peter Stuyvesant millionaire lives with his wife Ann-Katrin and his son, Johan, in the upmarket district of Hamburg.
An interesting new breed was that of "close-but-still-legal" brands aimed at promoting tobacco products through supposedly innocent lines of goods and services -- Marlboro Classics, Peter Stuyvesant Travel and the like.
The Governor of the territory, Peter Stuyvesant, a difficult and dictatorial person who looked askance at anybody who was not a Calvinist, particularly Jews and Lutherans, rejected the refugees' petition to stay in the young American colony.
The key brands of the company include Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Peter Stuyvesant and du Maurier.