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French philosopher and theologian

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Ulster's darling' in the 1920s and 30s, she translated medieval Latin poetry and prose to popular acclaim; her literary history, The Wandering Scholars, was all but a best-seller, and her novel, Peter Abelard, meticulously based on historical sources, was a runaway success.
1) That mixture of enthrallment and frustration, tempered with the crippling inability to attain a concrete meaning, is probably familiar to many readers of this famous 12th century French intellectual's correspondence with her husband and former teacher, Peter Abelard.
Also, as before, the 20,000 quotations have been organised according to source, whether author or book so that we begin with Peter Abelard, the twelfth-century French theologian and end a world away with Zoroastrian Scriptures.
Almost every romantic knows the love story of Peter Abelard and Heloise.
Drawing on sources reaching from Peter Abelard to evolving script changes in Star Trek and the explosive expansion of non-Western churches, the author forthrightly states his perspectives, while recognizing the limits of projecting the future.
If Peter Abelard believes that the sad mess known as the Phoenix Initiative is progress then I would suggest that he is not a Coventry kid.
They include William of Conches, Thierry of Chartres, and perhaps more surprisingly, Peter Abelard.
His focus is on influential people and momentous events in the history of the Western world in general and Iceland in particular, such as the coming of Christianity, Augustine of Hippo, monasticism, Boethius, the discovery and settlement of Iceland, Ari Porgilsson, Peter Abelard, and the composition of Njals saga.
In approximately 1119, Peter Abelard, the brilliant
The first winner came a week later when Peter Abelard won at Hamilton, but in the end weight ruled out the Flat and he switched to jumping.
What is more unexpected is that Burman also shows that the Mozarab polemicists incorporated contemporary Latin theology, including the ideas of Peter Abelard, into their writing.
The publishers are to be congratulated for re-issuing this minor classic by the author of Peter Abelard and The Wandering Scholars.
This is represented by Rauser as the modern view, overlooking Peter Abelard, John Duns Scotus and other medieval philosophers who argued for the same thing.
Like many of his medieval successors, Peter Abelard offers principles for ranking sins.
Most frequently, Bernard has been charged with anti-intellectualism based on his conflict with Peter Abelard.