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Distribution, habitat preferences and management of the yellow-bellied glider, Petaurus australis, on the Bago Plateau, New South Wales: a reassessment of the population and its status.
Drury R (2014) The Use of Remote Cameras at the Nestboxes of Arboreal Mammals, Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa and Sugar Glider Petaurus breviceps in the Rushworth State Forest.
The foraging behavior of nectar-feeding marsupial Petaurus australis.
Similar proportions have been found for the marsupials Petaurus australis and P.
Roadsides can represent high quality habitat for woodland mammals because they often host a high density of large, old, hollow-bearing trees--a critical resource for woodland fauna, including threatened species such as the Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa and Squirrel Glider Petaurus norfolcensis.
Other mammal species present in the area but absent from the diet include the Swamp Rat Rattus lutreolus and Yellow-bellied Glider Petaurus australis, which are rarely ever detected in the Sooty Owl diet (e.