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city in northern Pakistan at the eastern end of the Khyber Pass

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And there was that on Mahbub Ali which he did not wish to keep an hour longer than was necessary - a wad of closely folded tissue- paper, wrapped in oilskin - an impersonal, unaddressed statement, with five microscopic pin-holes in one corner, that most scandalously betrayed the five confederated Kings, the sympathetic Northern Power, a Hindu banker in Peshawur, a firm of gun-makers in Belgium, and an important, semi-independent Mohammedan ruler to the south.
said he to himself 'As if every girl in Peshawur did not use it
heard the Revelly from Birr to Bareilly, from Leeds to Lahore, Hong-Kong and Peshawur Lucknow and Etawah (18)
These various cities express the extent of O'Kelly's travels while enlisted: Birr (Ireland), Bareilly (India), Leeds (England), Lahore (Pakistan), Hong-Kong (China), Peshawur (Pakistan), Lucknow (India), and Etawah (India).
Conway, the main character of the novel, a onetime student at Oxford university, mountaineer of the Alps, veteran of the First World War and noted explorer of China, together with another three passengers embarking on a cabin machine to withdraw from Peshawur, landed in the Himalayan mountains, a valley called Karakal, which in the native language means "Blue Moon.