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formerly the basic unit of money in Spain

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Until recently, major post offices here exchanged old European currencies into euros without charges, and they will still swap your peseta notes - but not coins - for pounds sterling.
Everybody at Real Oviedo was paid in pesetas before Spain adopted the euro.
SUNNY ACCEPTANCE: Tourist Spain with its multinational enclaves has greeted the transition from peseta to euro with equanimity
Brinks later said the bags contained $800,000 worth of Spanish pesetas.
Instead of getting 300,000 pesetas (EUR1,800) spending money, his Spanish bank account was credited with EUR300,000.
I HAVE about pounds 15 in pesetas, left over from holidays.
The coins most likely to be brought home from vacation are Spanish pesetas (22pc), followed by French francs (19pc), according to the poll for Age Concern.
I've been changing money into pesetas to pay for this and since the exchange rate is good at the moment, I meant to transfer some more funds this month.
This means that unless British holidaymakers reconvert their hoarded Spanish pesetas, Italian lira and French francs back into sterling they will become worthless pieces of coloured paper.
Demand in the Spanish institutional tranche amounted to 687 billion pesetas, or 8.
The standard prize-money is 680,000 pesetas (pounds 2,574), of which the winner will receive 400,000 pesetas (pounds 1,514).
Having strengthened by 22 pesetas to 287 to the pound in recent months, the sterling effect is measurable but not a determining factor.
This time last year travellers were getting 240 pesetas to the pounds 1 but that's now risen to 260.
Food is on the whole good value (main courses around 900-1,000 pesetas, or pounds 4), as too is the drink - a bottle of San Miguel averaged at around 200 pesetas (80p).
To date, Retecal has invested more than 27,500 million pesetas, 145 million US$, in the construction of its own network and plans to invest a further 17,500 million pesetas, 92 million US$, by the year 2008 to complete the infrastructure for the whole of the Castilla-Leon region.