Persian lamb

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the fur of a karakul lamb

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a karakul lamb

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Persian lamb ensemble from Chado Ralph Rucci has long front-button shirt jacket over slim pants, Accessorized with large Persian lamb Sac bag,
The Persian lamb coat had a beautifully draped shawl collar, huge glass cat's eye buttons and a blue satin lining edged with a row of tiny folded satin points, like origami.
My pride and joy though, is a black Persian lamb jacket which my mum found tucked away in the back of her wardrobe.
Karakul sheep, also known as Persian lamb, have a close, curly fur.
Scholl's wooden sandals and bad posture; the Frosty Christina look, which included a wool jumpsuit, largely plain, but with oversized bellbottoms and lined with Persian lamb.
LOT 1 - Hat fur Persian lamb for Colonel (including logo), LOT 2 - Hat fur for officers and NCOs (including logo), LOT 3 - blouson men and women, LOT 4 - Shirt canvas men and women, LOT 5 - White shirt Men and women, LOT 6 - long sleeve shirt blouse men and women LOT 7 - short sleeve shirt blouse men and women, LOT 8 - Sweater men and women LOT 9 - T-shirt men and women
You can invest in a real fur by picking the type you want, from mink, fox, beaver, Persian lamb, or even chinchilla.
a) Kenyan beef and spinach b) Persian lamb with celery and mint or c) walnut and pomegranate chicken?
Justin Perkins, Flatbread Cafe's director, responsible for brand and business development, said: "We bake our bread fresh to order in hand-crafted clay pot ovens and it comes with tasty dishes, such as Sabzi (feta cheese with fresh herbs), Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Dates & Honey, and Persian Lamb with Celery and Mint.
Nina Ricci presents a great casual look with white sweater with turban-like neck, worn with Persian lamb skirt with front split that shows off silky white underskirt.
Archipelago's Venezia bed, in geranium Italian silk with a chocolate Persian lamb coverlet, caught the eye of Kim Duease, owner of Notable Accents in Canton, Miss.