Persian lamb

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the fur of a karakul lamb

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a karakul lamb

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For that final touch, add a pair of fluffy earmuffs - Roxtons' Persian lamb ear muffs, pounds 36, or Gap's version, pounds 14.
She even had a luxurious Persian lamb coat she'd bought at a thrift store.
Pillows are made in denim, canvas and faux suede, Persian lamb and other textures, and feature such trims as two-tone flange, beading, tassels, fabric-covered buttons and ties.
She can swaddle herself in one of the voluminous mink, Persian lamb, Mongolian lamb or raccoon coats and jackets - some in attractive shades of ruby or Bordeaux.
My pride and joy though, is a black Persian lamb jacket which my mum found tucked away in the back of her wardrobe.
Karakul sheep, also known as Persian lamb, have a close, curly fur.
Scholl's wooden sandals and bad posture; the Frosty Christina look, which included a wool jumpsuit, largely plain, but with oversized bellbottoms and lined with Persian lamb.
You can invest in a real fur by picking the type you want, from mink, fox, beaver, Persian lamb, or even chinchilla.