Persian Gulf

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a shallow arm of the Arabian Sea between Iran and the Arabian peninsula

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The name of Persian Gulf has always been used in the historical documents and the foreign ships have also to use the same in their documents," Deputy Head of Khuzestan Ports and Maritime Department Abutaleb Geraylou said.
With airspace over Iran, Turkey and Syria off limits, a 747 keeping an eye on Iraq would have to fly well out over the Persian Gulf, Koch said.
The presence of third party states' warships and fighter jets in the Persian Gulf region has stirred insecurity and damaged the regional countries and people.
If the enemy makes a mistake in the Persian Gulf and decides to ignore respect for the Islamic Republic of Iran's interests and borders, it will be given a heavy slap by the nation's guards in the sea and they will regret their deeds," General Tangsiri said on Sunday.
On Wednesday, the ministry sent a note to the Swiss embassy in Tehran -- which represents the US interests in Iran, censuring Washington's intrusive policies in the Persian Gulf.
When in its second test the Persian Gulf missile hit a moving vessel with 30m precision, we felt to have made a great success," Hajizadeh said.
The other merits of Persian Gulf Holding are global reputation, absorbing financial resources and unique access to Iran and the Middle East markets, Sabzkar said.
The efforts of (global) arrogance and its Arab allies to remove the name of Persian Gulf will result in its name becoming more durable," he added in a reference to the U.
Some Historical Background on the Persian Gulf Naming Dispute
The current flows counterclockwise toward Kuwait, and it may carry pollution toward Kuwaiti desalination plants along the Persian Gulf coast.
policy to ensure continued domination of the Persian Gulf and its prolific oil fields.
He served in Japan and Bahrain in the Persian Gulf during the liberation and occupation of Iraq.
Franks, commander of American forces in the Persian Gulf region, would direct at least the early phases of any war.
Bush enacted the Persian Gulf War POW/MIA Accountabilty Act of 2002, which aims to persuade foreign nationals to take the necessary and sometimes risky steps needed to return any surviving American POW/MIA from the Persian Gulf War by providing asylum to those who cooperate and their families.