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an ancient city that was the capital of the ancient Persian Empire

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Persepolis, coached by former Al Wahda manager Branko Ivankovic, broke the deadlock and what eventually was the winner through Kamal Kamyabinia on 37 minutes.
Visiting the Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex in Oman represents a challenge to Al Hilal but with Persepolis forced to chase the game punters can expect Diaz's men to pick off the Iranians and book their final place in style.
Norouzi joined The Reds in Summer 2000 from Persepolis U-19.
Persepolis Rugs is a rug retailer that has been located in North Texas for over 25 years.
to an ancient feast, tip, attested in the Persepolis texts of Darius I.
The Swede, 63, is eyeing a move to struggling Persepolis FC, based in Tehran.
Islamists began a demonstration over a niqab ban (the full-face veil) in universities and over Nessma, a private television station that broadcasted the French-Iranian movie Persepolis on Friday evening, which Islamists say denigrates Islam.
In its prismatic enveloping of stories within stories and flashbacks within flashbacks, Marjane Satrapi's animated film Persepolis self-reflexively explores the nature of storytelling.
Panels from Persepolis are well matched to the writing, and the narrative moves smoothly from broad aspects of Iranian culture to specific incidents in Satrapi's life.
I decided to quit playing for Persepolis FC because the club reduced 15 percent of my contract pay," announced Mohammed.
Asked why they chose Satrapi's novel, the authors said Iranians worldwide were "extremely proud" of her work, and that Persepolis was the best-known novel and movie about Iran in the West.
Terry Pugh and his wife Chris, from St Brides Major, Vale of Glamorgan, had their picture taken in Persepolis in Iran.
The Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle is offering a free screening of the film Persepolis to pupils in the area on Tuesday as part of National Film Schools Week.
Las distinciones concedidas a Persepolis pueden atribuirse a una mezcla rara de ligereza y complejidad.
Persepolis (Francia, 2007) es una cinta de dibujos animados sobre la vida de Marjane Satrapi, realizada por ella misma en colaboracion con Vincent Paronnaud, mejor conocido como Winshluss, famoso artista underground de historietas y animaciones, especialista del humor macabro.