Persea Americana

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tropical American tree bearing large pulpy green fruits

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Persea americana leaves and bark are used to treat malaria, the bark for diarrhoea and the seeds to stop vomiting and treat anaemia among children below 5 years (7).
Hypoglycaemic and tissue-protective effects of the aqueous extract of Persea americana seeds on alloxan-induced albino rats.
Roble Vida faba Haba Litsea guatemalensis Laurel Persea americana Aguacate Dracaena fragans Izote de montana Eucalyptus spp.
Vicia faba "haba", Medicago sativa "alfalfa", Persea americana "palto", Spartium junceum "retama", Gladiolus sp "gladiolo", Piper angustifolium "matico", Phaseolus sp.
De las 14 especies usadas, cuatro fueron utilizadas para desplazamiento y descanso (Bixa Orellana, Persea americana, Sabal mexicana y Mangifera indica), y se evidencio el consumo de diez especies.
The same authors classify Persea americana heartwood as not durable or class IV according to EN 350-2 (CEN, 1994).
1]) (anos) Mangifera indica 0,64 1,08 Eryobotria japonica 0,84 0,82 Persea americana 0,90 0,77 Annona cherimola 1,30 0,53 [[croix].
Researchers examined the genetic circuitry of Arabidopsis thaliana, a small flowering plant commonly used as a model organism in plant genetics research, and the avocado tree Persea americana, which belongs to an older lineage of so-called basal angiosperms.
1982), Carica pentagona (Vega de Rojas y Kitto, 1991) y Persea americana Mil
Anacardiaceae), leaves (BHCB 4413); Persea americana Miller (Lauraceae), leaves and stems (BHCB 4412); Phoenix roebelinii O'Brien (Arecaceae), leaves (BHCB 3133); Pyrostegia venusta (Ker.
Bacaba Arecaceae Parinari excelsa Sabine Isqueira Chrysobalanaceae Passiflora edulis Sims Maracuja Passifloraceae [flower bud] Passiflora edulis Sims Maracuja Passifloraceae Persea americana Mill.
Los muestreos se realizaron en cinco huertos comerciales de aguacate Persea americana Mill.