Peronospora tabacina

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fungus causing a serious disease in tobacco plants characterized by bluish-grey mildew on undersides of leaves

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This is in contrast with the resistance to Peronospora tabacina Adam, the causal agent of blue mold in tobacco, where most of the Nicotiana species that were resistant were distributed in Australia (Clayton, 1945).
Necrotic lesion resistance induced by Peronospora tabacina on leaves of Nicotiana obtusifolia.
2004) observed that PGPR effected on plant growth and provided systemic protection against Peronospora tabacina, which causes blue mold in tobacco.
Peronospora tabacina is an obligate parasite, and selection for resistance is best performed under natural or induced field epidemics.
Cruikshank and Mandryk (1960) extended this concept to a nonviral pathogen in field-grown tobacco plants using stem injections of Peronospora tabacina (D.