Peromyscus eremicus

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burrowing mouse of desert areas of southwestern United States

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Locally, this mouse was most common along rugged, grass-covered hillsides shared with Peromyscus eremicus and P.
Peromyscus eremicus (cactus deermouse) was identified from Upper Sloth Cave on the basis of the lack or only rudimentary development of accessory molar cusps (Logan and Black, 1979).
The warmdry adated forms at Fowlikes Cave included Notiosorex crawfordi (desert shrew), Myotis velifer (cave myotis, a bat), Sylvilagus audubonii, Lepus californicus, Spermophilus spilosoma (spotted ground squirrel), Cynomys ludovicianus, Cratogeomys castanops (yellow-faced pocket gopher), Peromyscus eremicus (cactus mouse), Onychomys leucogaster, O.
Prey item Lepus californicus Black-tailed jackrabbit Sylvilagus audubonii Desert cottontail Ammospermophilus interpres Texas antelope squirrel Spermophilus variegatus Rock squirrel Thomomys bottae Botta's pocket gopher Chaetodipus Pocket mouse Dipodomys spectabilis Banner-tailed kangaroo rat Dipodomys Ord's or Merriam's kangaroo rat Neotoma albigula White-throated woodrat Neotoma mexicana Mexican woodrat Peromyscus boylei Brush deermouse Peromyscus eremicus Cactus deermouse Peromyscus truei Pinyon deermouse Sigmodon fulviventer Tawny-bellied cotton rat Sigmodon hispidus Hispid cotton rat Callipepla gambelli Gambel's quail Zenaida Dove Unidentified Aves Lizard Reptilian egg Invertebrate Total Percentage of Percent Prey item occurrences frequency Lepus californicus 8.
October December February April June Species 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 Spermophilus spilosoma 1 Dipodomys merriami 5 11 15 15 9 14 15 10 4 14 Onychomys arenicola 1 Perognathus flavus 4 Chaetodipus intermedius 3 1 Chaetodipus penicillatus 2 10 Peromyscus eremicus 1 Peromyscus leucopus 1 2 1 Peromyscus maniculatus 1 2 Neotoma micropus 1 Sigmodon sp.