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2003): (1) short term results of the fire would include a decline in cricetid versus heteromyid rodents due to loss of ground cover, especially on ungrazed sites; (2) recovery of populations of the cricetid genera Baiomys, Reithrodontomys and Sigmodon in ungrazed areas, coupled with declines in numbers of heteromyids in the genera Chaetodipus and Perognathus, would follow postfire vegetative regrowth.
pocket mice (Chaetodipus californicus, Perognathus inornatus), California ground squirrels (Spermophilus beechyi), pocket gophers (Thomomys bottae), grasshoppers (Acrididae), Jerusalem crickets (Gryllacrididae), and beetles (Eleodes spp.
Similarly, Perognathus flavescens and Reithrodontomys montanus may be absent over portions of their historic geographic ranges in eastern Nebraska.
Phylogenetic and environmental determinants of geographic variation of the pocket mouse Perognathus goldmani Osgood.
c) Includes Neotoma lepida and species of Dipodomys, Peromyscus, Chaetodipus, and Perognathus.
2006) colectaron ejemplares de esta especie en Perognathus flavus Baird, 1865 en el estado de Durango, en donde tambien la reportaron en otra especie de roedor del genero Liomys.
Ecological relationships of Peromyscus maniculatus and Perognathus parvus in eastern Washington.
Four teeth (SEKI-20176, 20189) were recovered representing a small heteromyid, either Chaetodipus or Perognathus (pocket mouse).
Four species (Sigmodon hispidus = hispid cotton rat, Tamias minimus = least chipmunk, Chaetodipus hispidus = hispid pocket mouse, and Perognathus flavus = silky pocket mouse) with fewer than five expected dual captures but one or more observed dual captures were not evaluated further.
Selection of seed distribution types by Dipodomys merriami and Perognathus amplus.
Rodent species Habitat type GLPD GL December April December April Baiomys taylori -- -- 25 1 Dipodomys merriami -- 1 2 -- Dipodomys ordii -- -- -- -- Dipodomys spectabilis -- -- 3 2 Neotoma albigula -- -- 2 -- Onychomys leucogaster 9 -- 6 -- Peromyscus leucopus -- -- -- -- Peromyscus maniculatus -- -- 9 (3) -- Perognathus flavus 4 1 5 -- Reithrodontomys megalotis -- -- -- -- Sigmodon hispidus -- -- -- -- Overall prevalence (%) 0 0 5.