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from 280 million to 230 million years ago

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For some items, changes in relative importance between the old series and the current index arise not only from the previously mentioned changes in insurance coverage levels and distribution of permium payments between employer and employee, but also from definitional changes.
Media: Canon Permium Bright Photo Satin Photographic Paper
DC Dream Vision offers consumers the ability to eliminate rental fees on boxes that cable companies provide, permitting buyers to purchase High Quality permium channel capable boxes outright.
Tenders are invited for Desiner Sankheda Sankheda Sofa Set 1-Three Seater 2 Single Seater With Center Table Permium Quality Tapasty Premium Quality Dunlop.
The bank, earlier known as Kuwait Real Estate Bank (KREB), will conduct the buy-back in compliance with the country's regulations, which require that the repurchased stock should not exceed the bank's financial resources, such as reserves, retained profits and share permiums.