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Synonyms for peripatetic

Synonyms for peripatetic

leading the life of a person without a fixed domicile; moving from place to place

Words related to peripatetic

a person who walks from place to place

a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism

of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

traveling especially on foot


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A few months after Annie resigned from the Peripatetics, she journeyed to Quincy for the first time since attending Sarah Denman at her death in 1882.
As has been seen, the Peripatetics did not believe in the real efficacy of prayers and sacrifices, although they conformed outwardly to public worship (Chadwick 1980:449).
Among the Peripatetics who continued this tradition, Jerome (De viris illustribus 2.
This complication is not a drawback but a strength that is quite different from what I thought as a graduate student about the Peripatetics not all being able to hear Aristotle.
As in De malo, Thomas relies on the Stoic/ Peripatetic debate to assert the possibility of reasonable anger, and claims that the Lord is only condemning anger that is not reasonable.
This complication is not a drawback but a strength--quite different from what I thought as a graduate student about the Peripatetics not all being able to hear Aristotle.
For Aristotle and the Peripatetics after him have come forward with a demonstration for every one of them.
However, if we leave aside the doctrine on natural law, a careful study of the passages where the Stoics are mentioned shows that in the great majority of cases Thomas rejects their views and prefers the position of the Peripatetics.
Had he favored the Peripatetics over Platonists, one might assume that Yeats's melancholy was indeed due to encroaching old age--but he obviously did not.
As Peter Barta notes in Peripatetics in the Novel, The slow, strolling movement about the city in the plot [of city novels] produces a uniquely close tie between the central human characters and their urban environment; together city and walker serve as city's protagonist" (xiii).
The peripatetics were perhaps motivated by the same awareness.
The four established schools--the Academic school originating with Plato, the Aristotelian Peripatetics, the Stoics, and the Epicureans--were officially recognized by the Roman government and given endowments in A.
2a) seems at first sight reminiscent of the "old philosophy" that Antiochus of Ascalon claimed to find in its purest form in Plato and in inferior forms in the Peripatetics and Stoics.
His most important publications include Bely, Joyce and Doblin: Peripatetics in the City Novel (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1996) and the edited volumes Metamorphoses in Russian Modernism (New York: Central European University Press, 2000) and Gender and Sexuality in Russian Civilisation (London: Routledge, 2001).