perforated eardrum

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an eardrum with a hole or tear in it

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The aim of surgery is to eliminate the infection and render the ear safe, to prevent reinfection by closing the perforation of tympanic membrane and to improve hearing.
Myringoplasty is one of the surgical techniques for the management of CSOM with permanent perforation of tympanic membrane.
This is in agreement with the general concept that in safe type of CSOM with simple perforation of tympanic membrane, hearing loss is mainly of conductive type.
This clinical study showing application of trichloroacetic acid for treatment of small sized central perforation of tympanic membrane (3 mm) and proves to have a beneficial effect in healing in selected patients.
Central perforation of tympanic membrane most commonly occurs as a sequelae of chronic otitis media after an episode of acute otitis media, where after rupturing the tympanic membrane fails to heal.
Management of central perforation of tympanic membrane by chemical cauterisation using tri-chloro acetic acid.