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Synonyms for perforation

an opening, especially in a solid structure

a small mark or hole made by a sharp, pointed object

Words related to perforation

a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place

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a hole made in something

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the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)

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To make this work, a collaged image had been scanned and enlarged from a small notebook page, perforated edge and all.
Trapper MAX features a perforated edge, which can be removed to allow the glue edge to fit flush against the wall.
You tear off the perforated edge, pull out the center page, gape at the amount you made in 2005, and wonder: Where did it all go?
Responding to consumer wishes, the company made the packaging sturdier and 30 percent thicker than soft drink packs; additionally, Fridge Packs have a racetrack handle and a clean, perforated edge for opening on both sides.
The label is automatically applied directly on to the container's film lid to prevent movement, while a perforated edge allows the label to be peeled away but leaving cooking instructions on the pack.
Only government checks have smooth edges on all four sides--any other legitimate check will have one perforated edge.
The matchbook postcards are actually miniature postcards that measure 3 x 4 inches, however if the booklet was torn along the perforated edge in keeping with the printed instructions: "Do not mail matches, tear on perforation," then the postcard would be reduced to 3 x 3 inches.
City magistrates heard that the officer took a closer look at the disc displayed on Marriott's Honda Civic parked close to his former home in Broomfield Place, Earlsdon, and realised the colour was not quite right and the perforated edge appeared to have been cut out by hand.