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genus of tropical American shrubby trees and woody climbers having slender branches with broad flat leaves and large panicles of flowers

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AlteracAes histologicas e bioquimicas na formacAPound o de raizes em folhas destacadas de Pereskia grandifolia Haw.
The main plant species found in the paddock were as follows: Rhamnidium molle Reissek; Pereskia bahiensis Gurke; Arrojadoa rhodantha (Gurke) Britton & Rose; Aspidosperma pyrifolium Mart.
Basal cactus phylogeny: implicactions of Pereskia (Cactaceae) paraphyly for the transition to the cactus life form.
Anti-proliferative and mutagenic activities of aqueous and methanol extracts of leaves from Pereskia bleo (Kunth) DC (Cactaceae).
Mayra Montero's novel, Tu, la oscuridad (1995) [In the Palm of Darkness, 1997], set in Haiti, explores the political and ecological implications of the disappearance of the grenouille du sang (Eleutherodactylus sanguineus) and the Pereskia Quisqueyana cactus.
Some fruit fly species occurred exclusively in 1 plant species: Anastrepha barbiellinii in ora-pro-nobis, Pereskia aculeata; Anastrepha grandis (Macquart) only in pumpkin, C.
Correlated evolution of stem and leaf hydraulic traits in Pereskia (Cactaceae).
Miller, Austrocylindropuntia su bul ata * (Muehlenpfordt) Backerberg, Pereskia sacharosa * Grisebach, Robinia hispida L.
2) Medicago sativa 20 14 (70) 12 (60) Melochia crenata 20 12 (60) 122 (61) Passiflora foetida 20 0 0 Pereskia guamacho 20 2 (10) 27 (9.