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a small uninhabited Mediterranean islet claimed by both Morocco and Spain

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IN 1937 the linguistic differences among the Spanish perejil, the Creole pe'sil and the bastardized Spanish pewehi were enough to define what is considered local and legitimate (perejil) and foreign and illegitimate (pe'sil or pewehi).
The documentary resurrects the phrase Di Perejil to identify the experience of the same population, this time in order to achieve respect for their human rights, to improve their quality of life and to encourage coexistence with the Dominican people and with the entire Latin American and Caribbean region.
viste a un hombre de buen talle/ que a un cochero le replica/ cuando acaso le salpica/ el perejil de la calle?
For the main dish, we ordered the filete esmedregal a las brasas and the pescada contramar con chile rojo y perejil.
Spain withdraws its troops from the Perejil island, which was invaded on July 17 (see last week's Recorder).
Simon Hoggart, chairman of Radio 4's News Quiz, had a witty observation to make regarding the situation on Perejil, the little island that Spain and Morocco are squabbling over.
Spanish forces left Perejil island at the weekend after the two nations reached an agreement, ending 10 days of confrontation.
I have spent the past week working in Spain and have seen its national pride swell as it took back Perejil or "Parsley Island" from Morocco.
The only thing the Spaniards haven't sent to the islet of Perejil is the First Battalion of the King's Magaluf Waiters in a convoy of pedaloes.
Spanish soldiers in helicopters landed on Perejil island early on Wednesday after several Moroccans put up tents and raised flags on the tiny outcrop a week ago.
In 1937 General Rafael Trujillo ordered 20,000 people of African descent killed because they could not pronounce the letter r in perejil, the Spanish word for 'parsley.
32) These "offending" Haitians were to be identified by their inability to offer a native Dominican pronunciation of the word perejil `parsley' -- the assumption being that the uvular trill of Creole speech would compromise a speaker's Haitian identity.
Cuisine: Alterna TV's La Cocina de la Independencia and Venemovies' Cilantro y Perejil
Nearly seven years ago, Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar asked that economic sanctions be imposed against Morocco in the aftermath of the Perejil Island crisis.