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Caption: The demonstration of swarming Perdix UAVs from fighter aircraft shed some light on the US Department of Defence's vision of future ways to penetrate enemy air defences.
gov/News/News-Releases/News-Release-View/Article/1044811/department-of-defense-announces-successful-micro-drone-demonstration) According to a press release from the Department of Defense acknowledging the tests, the demonstration was designed to showed off the Perdix drones' collective decision-making, flying formations, and self-healing capabilities.
14) Nunez Gutierrez, Maria del Carmen; Martinez Nistal, Maria del Carmen; Diez Banos, Pablo y Cordero del Campillo, Miguel: <<La perdiz Perdix Perdix Hispaniensis, Reichenow, 1892 (aves: galliformes), nuevo hospedador de Goniocotes obscurus, Giebel, 1874 (Mallophaga: goniodidae)>>, Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de Leon, Leon, ISSN 0373-1170, ano 32, no.
2004: Managing the UK partridge Perdix perdix recovery: population change, reproduction, habitat and shooting.
1 Fox Sparrow Passerella iliaca -- -- -- Franklin's Gull Larus pipixcan -- -- -- Gray Partridge Perdix perdix 1 0.
In Ovid the partridge has an important role, for Perdix is in fact the name of Daedalus's nephew.
Population dynamics of the Grey Partridge Perdix perdix 1793-1993: monitoring, modelling and management.
Perdix III: Gray Partridge and Ring-necked Pheasant Workshop.
The first chapter deals with puns; the second with narrative, concentrating on how the notorioius disruption of the Metamorphic narrative actually conveys the meaning (one example is the Daedalus story, where the little Perdix coda changes the face of the previous `main story'); the third with the previous history of this narrative disruption (in Callimachus and Propertius); the fourth with aetiology and cosmology.
An Athenian, the son of Metion and descendant of Hephaestus, Daedalus was exiled from Athens for murdering his apprentice Talus or Perdix.
Both days will be run by Dr Roger Draycott, head of GWCT's advisory department, along with grey partridge biologist Dr Francis Buner and game biologist Dr David Butler of Perdix Wildlife Supplies.
Body condition and survival of vagrant Long-billed Murrelets, Brachyramphus perdix, in North America.