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When the degree of independence in the role of the pharynx in tuning those under vowel percepts is understood, this degree of active modification becomes reduced or unnecessary.
The overall tone quality percept is then a blend of the spectral tone colors of harmonics being featured by at least these three vocal tract resonances.
Percepts are no longer perceptions; they are independent of a state of those who experience them.
The percepts received from the environment, messages received from other agents and messages internal to an agent are three types of events that might be received by any particular plan.
Trains of thought, grounded in the manipulation of percepts with words, generate proprioception, or the experience of doing the deed.
The TR procedure can be programmed to monitor beliefs inferred from sensor readings and a model of the environment, rather than percepts.
Additional percepts describe the agent, road segments, sidewalks, an intersection, and a stoplight.
Later on Rorschch felt he could ascribe aspects of personality traits through visual percepts because the eye can quickly discern nuances of the environment other senses cannot determine.
Their suggestion that the sense-making capacities of art reside in the excess of the interlocked relation between perceptions, affections and concepts throws light on how percepts and affects function together to gradually work up and tear down linguistic and social intersubjectivity.
In the feedback learning procedure, percepts are mapped on system states corresponding to manipulation parameters of the object.
Nietzsche is the one to have linked together the "lightness" of knowing and the "untimeliness" to which it is a force of the arts to give "body" and "space," inventing new affects and new percepts, new ways of experiencing and seeing:
Key questions include: How are percepts built up in the cortex and how are judgments of the percept made?
The first round of testing (OPID-10, Odor Percept IDentification) called for identifying 10 common scents: menthol, clove, leather, strawberry, lilac, pineapple, smoke, soap, grape, or lemon.
We think that it is precisely a question of "first" and "second" percept: physical and cognitive perception verbs are more easily associated with one particular percept each, "first" percept, but both have a "second" percept as a second possibility.
I distinguish the terms percept and concept by describing, but not naming, a cylindrical object with metal arms and a pneumatic stopper that prevents a door from slamming.