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Pepsi Cola is a trademarked cola


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The Bicentennial Pepsi can puts Illinois 200th birthday literally in the hands of thousands of Illinoisans," Rauner said while touring the Marion Pepsi bottling plant.
Pepsi MidAmerica is a family-owned business started by the Crisp family in 1936 and run by three generations of family members, including CEO Harry L.
Pepsi had released a two-minute television ad and featured Madonna's dancing and singing in it.
Pepsi may not launch its branded smartphone in the US and Europe markets, predict analysts.
An advertisers when asked for his comments said that " all that Pepsi does is sponsors cricket and that's it, whereas Coca Cola has touched almost every market.
Besides airing its newest ad on "The X Factor" PepsiCo has been working with the talent search show to determine what was the favorite limited-edition Pepsi flavor.
com to submit a video lasting 60 seconds or less, detailing why the person deserves a lifetime supply of Pepsi MAX.
According to Pepsi officials, both Throwbacks are popular among younger consumers, with more than 50% of its volume coming from Gen X and Gen Y.
Pembroke, senior vice president of leasing and marketing, represented Russo Development in-house, and Alan Peterson, principal of Choyce-Peterson, represented Pepsi Bottling Group.
While Coca-Cola questions Pepsi's current share claims, it recognizes that Pepsi has staged a remarkable recovery "They came back very fast:' says Brent Willis, president of Coca-Cola's Vencol division, which covers Venezuela and Colombia.
OK, I'll admit it: I never thought that much of Pepsi One, especially since the soft drink giant already had Diet Pepsi in the mix.
PEPSI has signed Britain's favourite boy band for a cool new advert and on-can promotion.
Having been passed from the Pepsi Generation to the New Generation and now to Generation Next, Pepsi-Cola is the second-most popular soft drink in the United States and drank throughout the world.
TODAY is the last day we serve up our ace Pepsi Instant Scratch game.
It's out of the blue - and it's your chance to pick up a FREE can of Pepsi ABSOLUTELY FREE