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Pepsi Cola is a trademarked cola


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The 'Check-Out' ad was developed to extend the legendary cola wars through a humorous scenario," said Amy Wirtanen, Senior Director, Pepsi Marketing.
William Wilson, president of Pepsi New York said, "We certainly appreciate the professional assistance provided by EDC and indeed, the able support and cooperation given by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion and his colleagues.
While Coca-Cola questions Pepsi's current share claims, it recognizes that Pepsi has staged a remarkable recovery "They came back very fast:' says Brent Willis, president of Coca-Cola's Vencol division, which covers Venezuela and Colombia.
If Pepsi sells 150 million cases of Pepsi One in the first year, it will reach its $1 billion sales goal.
PEPSI was the first firm to create a commercial that used a jingle.
Supporters in the United States are organizing demonstrations at Pepsi distribution centers and Pepsi-sponsored events, and sending petitions to Pepsi's headquarters.
It will distribute several products, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Seven-Up.
Gulp a glass of colorless Pepsi and your eyes might think you're sipping Sprite or 7UP.
Some of the world's top musicians are also showcasing their artistic talent on the Pepsi can.
Diet Pepsi has never been the barrel of strength that they wanted,'' said PaineWebber analyst Emanuel Goldman, who said the new drink tastes more like Pepsi than Diet Pepsi does.
Pepsi was created over a century ago by pharmacist Caleb D Bradham.
To learn more about The Pepsi Bottling Group's MotE vate y EdE[bar]cate program please contact Yanka Burgos at (310) 869-4942 or via email at yanka.
Diet Pepsi MAX is for 25-34 year-old diet drinkers, as well as transitioners -- those making the switch from regular colas to diets.
Having been passed from the Pepsi Generation to the New Generation and now to GeneratioNext, Pepsi-Cola is the country's second-most popular soft drink.
Seventeen Pepsi bottlers, including anchor bottler The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.