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a nonlethal aerosol spray made with the pepper derivative oleoresin capiscum

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32 (450m): Pepperspray, Lady Midas, Toms Set, Fortissat Jac (M), Caulry Alice (M), Ballingarry Blue (M).
Liverpool were getting battered into 17th place by Manchester City with a side containing players who should never have been given a red shirt (Milan Jovanovic), no longer wanted to wear it (Fernando Torres), had so little respect for it they refused to put it on (Javier Mascherano), under a manager so over-awed by the job he stood on the touchline rubbing his eyes like a hamster after a pepperspray attack.
Reserves: Ashgrove Boss (W), Cuideachade (M), Filey Warrior, Linton Littlemix (M), Margarets Spirit, Pepperspray, Piercestown Jan, Playitagainsam, Suncroft Suzie.
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