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a pork and beef sausage (or a thin slice of this sausage)

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It was in a different taste league because the conventional stock had been replaced by the juice of a red pepper named Peperoni di Carmagnola after the place in Piedmont where it's grown.
The company specialises in a range of frozen products including minced meat, burgers, kababs, nuggets, shuwarma and frankfurters as well as cold cuts such as mortadella, peperoni and salami.
Peperoni imbottiti was served next (sweet peppers stuffed with capers, olives, anchovies, bread crumbs, basil, garlic and parsley); and fichi freschi ripieni from Calabria and Sicilia (figs stuffed with candied citron, chopped almonds, honey and chocolate, dusted with confectioner's sugar).
One of the piquant ones, Peperoni Diavolo, is topped with pepperoni sausage, fiery red and green peppers, whole tomatoes, Edam and Mozzarella cheese.
Poppardelle melenzane e peperoni, aubergines, tomato, peppers, onions and basil
Estos resultados concuerdan con los de otros investigadores para salchichon normal [7, 10], peperoni elaborado al vacio [4], y salchichon elaborado con mezclas de carne de diferente calidad [11].
Casa de Campo has the usual luxury-resort facilities (scads of tennis courts and swimming pools, an exclusive on-site spa), but executives mentioned the three championship, Pete Dye-designed golf courses, a polo field, shooting range, and a much-photographed marina & yacht club, with an Italian-style plaza lined with exclusive boutiques and fine restaurants, including Chinois, Limoncello and Peperoni.
Pero para dos personas una pizza de queso con jitomate, salsa, salchicha, peperoni, champinones y demas ingredientes asciende a mil 200 calorias y 72, 135 y 152 gramos de proteinas, grasa y carbohidratos en el mismo orden.
The other finalist companies are: Buzzd, FISHLABS, fring, FunkySexyCool, Peperoni, Qeep, Skout, Tourspot and Vayyoo.
These include Texas Roadhouse, Morganfields, Peperoni, Harry's, Denny's, and Salvatore Cuomo.
Her bruschetta peperoni did the business - a chargrilled ciabatta with slow roasted peppers and anchovies.
I also loved the sound of crostone con peperoni e formaggi, toasted garlic-rubbed bread with roast peppers, melted goats' cheese and red onion marmalade (pounds 7.
Ingredients: (for two) 200g Monkfish fillet; 5g thyme; 30g Porcini mushrooms; 100g Salsa ai Peperoni (see below); 10g Extra virgin olive oil; salt.
The steamy clinch with co-star F Murray Abraham - at 65, no spring chicken himself - is from Italian TV movie In Peperoni Ripieni E Pesci In Faccia.
Los rellenos son los tradicionales: queso, aceitunas, pimientos, anchoas, hongos, tocino, jalapenos, albondigas, embutidos italianos, peperoni y la Verona especial, que es una pizza combinada.