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Synonyms for penstock

regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate

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Contract notice: Replacement work air section and rehabilitation of the underground section of the penstock, and renovation and replacement parts of the discharge pipe.
Each penstock feeds a column of water to its own turbine.
Installation of automatic shutoff gates in the gatehouse above Plant 2 to quickly and safely halt the flow of water into the Plant 2 penstocks if an earthquake or other emergency ever caused a major leak in the penstocks.
The firm, which employs nine workers, specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of penstocks and valves for fluid control.
Meandering through New Hampshire's White Mountains, a large wooden penstock pipeline served as the main water supply for a local hydro facility, Jackman Station.
Contract notice: The hydroelectric plant sarenne - lot underground structures and penstocks.
Maker of valves, Fabriano Group, has brought Leicester-based Roban Ductile Welding and Simon Hartley Penstocks in Stoke on Trent, previously part of Thames Water.
In the second phase an additional 15 monitoring stations will be added on the natural stream reaches adjacent to the canals and on the penstocks that feed the project generators.
Qualification system without call for competition: Anticorrosive coating work penstocks.
Penstocks shall be provided on the following pipes where they enter the chamber: access covers shall be provided the duckbill type flap valve is to be all rubber Response deadline (Irish time) 10-07-2015 17:00
As it does not require dams or penstocks, it intrudes less on the surrounding environment.
Invitation to tender : From the water intake in Pfaffensprung leads the 7'535 m long penstocks to existing water tower.
These engineering and design services are likely to cover multiple engineering disciplines, but will be very specific to hydroelectric and hydraulic scope, including generators, turbines, controls, auxiliary equipment, dams, penstocks and waterways, roads, structures and appurtenances related to hydroelectric and hydraulic facilities.
Only an underground water conductor system consisting of a Head Race Tunnel (HRT), head race surge shaft, pressure shafts, penstocks, an underground power house, tail race surge shaft and Tail Race Tunnel (TRT) have been proposed.
Qualification system with call for competition: Anticorrosive coating work penstocks.