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a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence

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Virtually all prisoners said they intended to remain penpals for the length of their sentence, the longest penpal relationship being nine years.
Nicole and Maurice travelled to Scotland to spend a week with Janet and Pat who, by this time, were proud parents to their eldest daughter Catherine (Kay) Nicole - named after her penpal.
The late Joan Gully (nee Hennig), of Adelaide, South Australia, was a penpal of Meltham woman Mary Greenwood (nee Byram) during the war.
It was a bit odd they had a penpal in Germany at that time, but it was all good fun," she said.
But Nilsen moaned to his penpal that rising prices had put a dent in his spending power.
I was a young farmer's daughter and I was looking for a penpal from somewhere exotic," said Neutze.
The couple met in the 1980s through a penpal association, married in 1984 and lived in Manchester for 14 years, before moving to the Rhondda in 1998, where Mrs Lovegrove was from originally.
Dawn Christy, of Llandudno, met convicted armed robber 49-year-old Edwin Holt through a prison penpal scheme in 2004.
This is your opportunity to make contact with other readers to ask a question, locate a book, recipe, penpal or other hard-to-find item.
The company also supplies its own email client software - Penpal Mail.
Whining murderer William McArdle told a woman penpal in a letter from prison: "Am no a bad guy.
He had forwarded some of the haul to other people, including a penpal and Facebook friend in the USA.
THE mum who plotted her own daughter's kidnapping says she'll move abroad with a wealthy male penpal when she's freed early from jail.
MY mother recently died and in her belongings I found letters of a penpal she had during the war, Myra Merriman who would now be 82 or 83 I believe.
Moody, from Norwich, told his penpal how Karen had left him in 2008 and said: "She took my spirit and soul with her.