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a stock selling for less that $1/share

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James Daly, a TD Waterhouse spokesman, says: "It is a feature of stock markets falling from a higher level that penny shares can offer potential for huge percentage profits in very short time.
He confessed at the time that it was "a pure spec", but it demonstrates that penny shares do occasionally live up to their billing.
Recently Chartsearch placed an advert in a leading broadsheet newspaper announcing that the editor of Penny Share Focus was working on a porfolio of shares most likely to double their value in 1998.
The telecoms group is trying to recover from the hammer blow it received in 2000 when its markets collapsed, sending the company from blue chip status to penny share.
Its shares have collapsed by 99 per cent since the height of the dotcom boom, plunging from a FTSE 100 company to a penny share.
Now wealthy fan George Letham - still out of pocket four months after bailing the club out of a financial crisis in February - has accused the current regime Turn to Page 61 From Back Page of misleading shareholders about Stockbridge's penny share option at December's agm.
Shareholders, who have watched their company drop from being a member of the FTSE 100 to being a penny share, are likely to be left with even less.
Once the darling of the City, the company found itself in the middle of a very messy boardroom debacle, which has reduced the company to that of penny share status.
It was quite literally a penny share in February 1994 when it was a shell company under the name of Blagg Ltd.
Being a penny share - indeed less than a penny share at the outset - that recognition brought the kind of reward in percentage terms that followers of penny shares dream about - a profit of 400 per cent.
IF you fancy a flutter on a penny share, take a look at Fundamental-E Investments.
Darren's name is now in the CRM databases of many recruitment agencies, office equipment suppliers and US penny share peddlers.
But it never really moved above penny share status.
Pex is a penny share - so only a 1p movement in the price will change things dramatically.