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a native or resident of Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvanians For Self Protection is a nonpartisan, non-profit corporation that is dedicated to protecting Second Amendment rights in the Keystone State through legislative activism.
More than 161,388 Pennsylvanians selected health plans on Healthcare.
While Republicans proponents defended the measure as a safeguard against voting fraud, critics argued that it would disenfranchise Pennsylvanians, like minority and low-income voters, who are more likely to lack photo ID and to lean towards Democratic candidates.
Hillary Clinton's endorsements have been far fewer, such as the Daily Pennsylvanian -- the University of Pennsylvania paper -- though more may appear on Sunday.
Hillary, naturally, now indicates that she adores guns and is striving to convince Pennsylvanians that they should be outraged by the "elitist" remarks.
The report recommends that the state shift Medicaid funds from skilled nursing home care to make assisted living services available to Pennsylvanians of all income levels.
This was a test of leadership for Pennsylvanians, and Senator Casey passed with flying colors, and Senator Toomey failed, abysmally," said Joy Bergey, PennFuture's federal policy manager.
Further, Governor Wolf, a former CEO, told the Senators that large corporations and the wealthy win under the plan, while many middle class Pennsylvanians will have their taxes increase.
Because of the commitment made by Pennsylvanians, our recycling and reuse industry leads the nation in creating jobs and in sales.
I am convinced that Ivonne will help us realize the full promise of One AARP for 50+ Pennsylvanians and their families in the months and years ahead.
Governor Tom Wolf reminded Pennsylvanians that there is federal funding available for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
Impact fee structure better for drillers than Pennsylvanians, environment left out in the cold
Our gas is currently being used tax-free by citizens of other states, while Pennsylvanians are paying taxes that help build roads and schools in Texas and Louisiana.
The Rush to Recycling Challenge targeted our next generation of Pennsylvanians to make recycling a way of life," Chnupa said during the award ceremony.
Groups urge House members to co-sponsor, so all Pennsylvanians benefit from drilling