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Synonyms for Pennsylvanian

a native or resident of Pennsylvania

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After a long career studying the geology of the Colorado Plateau in the southwestern US, Dickinson (1931-2015) discovered that much of the Pennsylvanian to Jurassic sandstone of the plateau was derived from the orogenic belt now associated with the Appalachian Mountains.
Students removed the Shakespeare portrait and delivered it to my office as a way of affirming their commitment to a more inclusive mission for the English department," Etsy wrote to the Daily Pennsylvanian in an email.
Oil and gas company Earthstone Energy Inc (NYSE MKT:ESTE) said on Friday that it has commenced completion operations on its first deep Pennsylvanian test in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.
Also, as Mr Alyahya is looking for alternative countries of residence for those deposed by the so-called Arab Spring, he would do well to also look for a place for himself, and myself for that matter, for one never knows, as 'what goes around, comes around', as the famous Pennsylvanian saying goes
ALBUM LAUNCH: Pennsylvanian quartet Circa Survive playing The Cockpit on Thursday
Barack Obama is clearly out of touch with most Pennsylvanians, leading newspapers in the state seem to disagree.
Stan was responding to the latest political imbroglio, which began when Barack responded to a question about why he was struggling to win over some Pennsylvanians.
The Pennsylvanian is located in Pittsburgh and was built in 1902 as a train station.
The Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia contains an outstanding record of Pennsylvanian tropical ecosystems (Davies et al.
Tonya Cherie Hegamin is a proud Pennsylvanian, although she currently resides at Soul Mountain Writer's Retreat in Connecticut.
The Pennsylvanian then claimed that he opposed Judge Bork for a variety of reasons, but the pro-life movement has always contended that the matter of abortion was his key motivation.
The Pennsylvanian made three starts after missing the first three games with an ankle injury.
Roy Miller, executive director of the authority, said insurance fraud adds $200 a year to the insurance premiums paid by the average Pennsylvanian.
KEYWORDS: Colchester Coal, Mansfield Formation, Pennsylvanian, Raccoon Creek Group, Seelyville Coal.
Part of a large chondrichthyan fin spine from Middle Pennsylvanian deposits of Illinois was described and named Xystracanthus mirabilis by St.
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