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Pennsylvania is very active in encouraging farmers to use crop insurance, and started to pay part of the premium for farmers in 2000.
2 percent for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment test was, according to the state's Education Department, "exceptionally below" the state average of 59 percent in 2002.
Libby Black Halpern (Pine Forest Camp, Timber Tops, Lake Owego Camp) Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania, which in 2000 had the second-highest amount of malpractice judgments and settlements in the nation, Philadelphia is the plaintiff's jurisdiction of choice.
If the amended standards are adopted, not only would Pennsylvania likely lose the distinction of teaching excellent science, it would also invite the criticism heaped on the Kansas Board of Education for similar tactics in the summer of 1999.
the Pennsylvania Wine Association has enlisted the participation of more than 300 Pennsylvania restaurants to feature Pennsylvania wine on their wine lists during September.
Pennsylvania, which had the largest free black population in the North in 1850, was rocked by the Fugitive Slave Law.
Fountains in Lafayette Park would be expanded and improved, and gatehouses would be placed where 15th Street and 17th Street cross Pennsylvania Avenue.
Forest Service, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resource's Bureau of Forestry, and the Ruffed Grouse Society.
Although the prison will be administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, the County of Schuylkill is the owner and is overseeing the prison's construCtion.
During construction, patients who would have been previously treated at Graduate Hospital will be able to receive care at one of at least five nearby hospitals, including: The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.
The basis of the inferred intent doctrine in Pennsylvania is important in understanding the Greenfield case.
Last December, TEI filed comments with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue taking issue with the department's proposed definition of "Eligible Retirement Benefit Plan.
PENN-YORK March 26-Tour of Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Secretary Hayes and Secretary Hickok will be joined by Guy Donaldson, president of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, and the leaders of 12 other agriculture organizations that are participating in the partnership.
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