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a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface)

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Clear Penetrating Sealer is a water soluble, reactive nanotechnology similar to the lotus leaf, nature's only self-cleaning organism," explains Steve Velten, CCW senior research chemist.
Patented Technology Makes HexiCrete Penetrating Sealer More Cost-Effective
I think I will tell him to wait until spring warms the concrete, and based on your response, I will get him to use a penetrating sealer.
He adds that a block filler or penetrating sealer might be applied first to address potential adhesion problems due to the porosity of the concrete.
The concrete should first be cleaned by power washing, and then the silane or siloxane based penetrating sealer applied according to manufacturers' recommendations.
The Steelcote division of Chemline has introduced Floor-Nu Penetrating Sealer, a two-component clear epoxy for sealing and deeply penetrating concrete or masonry surfaces against the effects of moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, salts, oils and specific chemicals.
It's extremely durable, slip resistant, stain resistant (a penetrating sealer makes it more so), and fireproof.
It is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion that can be diluted with water, water-soluble organic solvents, and water/solvent mixtures to create a penetrating sealer.
Granite Gold's set of an ammonia-free, inexpensive products features its Daily Cleaner, Daily Cleaner Wipes, Polish/Protector, Stone Soap and Penetrating Sealer.
If tile is natural stone, seal surface with penetrating sealer.
Paint it or seal it with a penetrating sealer designed for decks; for a glossier look, use a spar varnish-type product.
At the very least - and even if you don't mind a little patina - you should apply a stone soap or a penetrating sealer.