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small genus of North American marsh or aquatic herbs

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230, 231] Peltandra virginica Kunth [205, 206] Sauromatum guttatum Schott [26, 86, 229, 230] Spathiphyllum cannaefolium (Dryand.
Wild taro Colocasia esculenta Spoon flowers Peltandra spp.
Fungi do play a role, though not as dramatic a one, in pollination of the arrow arum, Peltandra virginica, notes Joseph M.
The other study involves the rust fungus Uromyces cladii, which smells like its Peltandra host, and attracts the host-specific pollinators, Elachiptera formosa (J.
Species such as Carex canescens and Peltandra virginica demonstrated the northeastern affinity of Ohio peatlands, whereas Betula pumila and Carex oligosperma showed the northern Great Lakes affinity of leatherleaf bogs in Indiana and southern Michigan.
According to Elakovich and Wooten (1987b, 1989), Gopal and Goel (1993), and Szczepanski (1977), allelopathic chemicals and interactions occur in many wetland genera, including the widespread Acer, Carex, Cyperus, Eleocharis, Hydrilla, Myriophyllum, Panicum, Peltandra, Phragmites, Potamogeton, Polygonum, Sagittaria, Smilax, and Typha (Table I).