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a superior grade of black tea


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Shares of the largest enterprises in the structure of all-Russian pekoe tea production in 2009, % Diagram 20.
Cognac, orange pekoe tea, Sauternes and honey syrup.
Tim Hortons promoted in September a new steeped tea, made from a blend of orange pekoe tea leaves, and began a market rollout of a new hot chicken and roasted red pepper sandwich, which represents the brand's first foray into hot sandwiches.
8 Assam or orange pekoe tea bags or 3 tablespoons tea leaves
Tjibuni Java is a pure unblended Broken Orange Pekoe tea from a single estate in Indonesia.
The heat of the Wicked Chicken matches perfectly with the bold, sweet flavors of Popeyes Cane Sweet Iced Tea--a blend of black and orange pekoe tea, sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar.
The drink combines red wine, orange juice, a cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise and brown sugar steeped with Orange Pekoe tea bags.
Tim Hortons featured in August a new steeped tea, made from a blend of orange pekoe tea leaves for a full-flavored hot drink.
Place 1/3 cup orange pekoe tea leaves in a large tea ball or tie tea up loosely in 3 layers of cheesecloth.
It is a blend of black and orange pekoe tea freshly brewed in-restaurant and sweetened with all natural Pure Cane Sugar.
The common teas we think of such as black tea, green tea, pekoe tea are teas that come from the leaf of a tea tree and they are processed in different ways.
Because iced tea loses flavor if kept too long, all the barbecue restaurants contacted brewed hot tea several times a day for iced tea, always using Lipton's orange pekoe tea, chilled and then poured into glasses with ice, to be served sweetened or unsweetened.
Prunes with Two Sauces 3 tablespoons oolong or orange pekoe tea leaves 2 cups (about 1/2 lb.