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a superior grade of black tea


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She brewed herself orange pekoe tea (from leaves not bags).
It is a blend of black and orange pekoe tea enhanced with peach flavor, reminiscent of eating a fresh peach in summer with notes of peach skin as well as the pulp of the fruit.
Cognac, orange pekoe tea, Sauternes and honey syrup.
8 Assam or orange pekoe tea bags or 3 tablespoons tea leaves
Tjibuni Java is a pure unblended Broken Orange Pekoe tea from a single estate in Indonesia.
The heat of the Wicked Chicken matches perfectly with the bold, sweet flavors of Popeyes Cane Sweet Iced Tea--a blend of black and orange pekoe tea, sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar.
The drink combines red wine, orange juice, a cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise and brown sugar steeped with Orange Pekoe tea bags.
Place 1/3 cup orange pekoe tea leaves in a large tea ball or tie tea up loosely in 3 layers of cheesecloth.
It is a blend of black and orange pekoe tea freshly brewed in-restaurant and sweetened with all natural Pure Cane Sugar.
Because iced tea loses flavor if kept too long, all the barbecue restaurants contacted brewed hot tea several times a day for iced tea, always using Lipton's orange pekoe tea, chilled and then poured into glasses with ice, to be served sweetened or unsweetened.
Prunes with Two Sauces 3 tablespoons oolong or orange pekoe tea leaves 2 cups (about 1/2 lb.
At Glen Loch Tea Factory in Katukithula hamlet a variety of orange pekoe teas, green teas and flavored teas are available for sale.