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Synonyms for sip

Synonyms for sip

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

a small amount of liquor

Words related to sip

a small drink

drink in sips

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Syniverse enables MVNOs to provide SMS service through its short message service center (SMSC) and short message peer-to-peer protocol (SMPP) service offerings.
ACE6790 utilizes dynamic peer-to-peer protocol for enabling mesh topology, while ACE6490 employs AeroComm's signature server/client networking architecture.
In addition to protection from email sources of spam, TCS' anti-spam gateway applies the same filtering and blocking rules to all possible spam sources including web based traffic using hyper-text transfer protocol (http) and text messaging based on short message peer-to-peer protocol (smpp).
13, following the discovery of the worm, F-Secure's anti-virus laboratory was able to reverse-engineer the peer-to-peer protocol that the worm exploits to infect machines.
During the weekend following Friday the 13th, F-Secure engineers have reverse engineered the peer-to-peer protocol that the worm uses.
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