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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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It's conceivable that localized failure of fusion of the ventral and dorsal ossification chondrification centers could result in malformation of the pedicles and/or facets," he said at the meeting, jointly sponsored by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.
When the main anterior annular ligament alone in the presence of fractures of both pedicles was disrupted, it was defined as stable.
These so-called pedicle screws hold metal plates or rods firmly against the spinal column to help fuse together two or three pain-causing vertebrae.
The occurrence of Podichnus traces provides indirect evidence that Waconella individuals had pedicles that were splayed into papillae or rootlets on the ends, as discussed in Bromley and Surlyk (1973).
3) The spinal cord can be compressed to one side in spinal canal with tumor growth, which leads to the reduction of a safe zone between the cord and pedicles and increases the risks of neurovascular injury.
1] Strong and large lumbar pedicles are most suitable for screw instrumentation.
The study was undertaken to look into the detailed measurements of pedicles of thoracic and lumbar spines so as to document relevant data in Maharastrian population.
Although the spinous process is well defined as 3D coordinates and vertebral pedicles neighbourhood, the problem of determining the reference points of the guiding system and the minimal number of supporting points is very important for ensuring a high precision of the screw implant.
0 mm and each had average diameters large enough for anastomosis, so we considered that these branches were reliable to use as the pedicles of flaps.
Using the same surgical procedure, Cosmic screws were implanted on the same side of the pedicles of L2 and L3 and the contralateral side of L2-L5.
The osteotomy was initiated by probing the pedicles of the osteotomized vertebrae on both sides using a pedicle probe.
c) The number of the vascular pedicles to the tibial nerve and the source of each were also identified.
Skoog is credited with developing nipple transposition without any skin-gland undermining, and this formed the basis for definition of various pedicles (see Table 1).