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an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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Hospital officials said they value Thangavel's service, but that the decision to replace him was between him and the Pediatrix group.
Pediatrix spokesman Bob Kneeley said he couldn't comment on a personnel matter.
Consistent with its previous statements regarding earnings guidance, Pediatrix believes that EPS for the 2001 fourth quarter will be comparable to the results of the 2001 third quarter.
We've used several national benchmarks to compare our outcomes and it will be helpful, as part of Pediatrix, to use their electronic medical record to build a clinical data warehouse of pediatric cardiology patient outcomes," said Steven M.
Pediatrix is the nation's largest provider of pediatric cardiology physician services, with more than 65 physicians providing patient care in 12 metropolitan areas across the country.
As a larger group, Pediatrix has the experience and the personnel to support our practice, allowing us to dedicate more resources to taking care of our patients.
The seven physicians joining Pediatrix are board-certified radiologists who support obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists in that community, and work closely with Pediatrix's maternal-fetal medicine physician subspecialists based in Seattle.